Annoying Windows 7 Errors

Windows 7 Errors


Installing Windows can leave some a little upset to say the least. Since this is the first step in the process of running Windows 7 it makes sense this needs to be addressed completely. If you look below you can see clearly others have this problem, but have figured out a work around solution to resolve it 100%.

Hardware Compatibility

Technology enthusiasts understand software is nothing without hardware. Unfortunately many Windows users have troubles having their peripherals speak properly with the core code. Typically this ends in frustration or the long trial and error process of unplugging and re-plugging devices, however a simpler fix is available – update your drivers. While Windows is certainly powerful it can’t work unless you update it to the latest version, especially as newer technologies are released such as mics, headsets, keyboards and mouses.

System Restore and Rebooting

When all else fails it’s time to start fresh with a system restore. Using your reboot disk you can essentially go back in time to when your PC was once working. Because you should be storing your photos, documents and files in the cloud with dropbox or an external HD this isn’t a big deal any longer. Once done you will then have a fast computer with no viruses or blue screens or black screens of death.